An Unsettled Supper

Written by Nicholas Tran October 2019 · Binary Theatre Company

An Unsettled Supper is an immersive atmospheric horror experience co-created by Daniel Moore and Nicholas Tran, and written by Nicholas Tran. With an audience of only 12 people per showing, and no dialogue, this play explores just how much can be done in the oft-neglected theatrical genre of horror in a way that capitalizes on one of the things that makes theatre so great: its live and in-person nature. This play explores the senses of smell and taste on the creation of an atmosphere, along with the social pressure and horror that can be achieved by the actors being in the same space as the audience, interacting with them.

An Unsettled Supper made its debut for Binary Theatre Company in October 2019 as part of their Fall 2019 season, under the direction of Daniel Moore, performing 9 shows over the course of one weekend, including 5 sold-out showings. A first in a planned series of shows exploring atmospheric and immersive content in theatre, especially as it relates to horror, the creators intend to bring versions of the show to other theatres in the future.

Cast & Crew


  • Daniel Zemeida
  • Kayla Santos
  • Pushan Kochar
  • Rhett Gajcak
  • Dakota Stewart
  • Aman Garg

Production Designers

Stage Manager
Shradha Ravikumar
Costume Designer
Lauren Vorhees
Lighting Designer
Maia Gomez
Props Masters
Chloe Cobb
April Maytorena
Scenic Designer
Jacob Dunn
Sound Designers
Garrett Unterreiner
Kimmy Mar (asst.)