About me.

I’m a theatre director and dramaturg based in Phoenix, AZ. I’m currently a senior at Arizona State University, majoring in Theatre and in Physics. My passions lie in contemporary works and new play development (and, in fact, all of the plays I’ve directed outside of an educational setting have been in-development plays). My interests and specialties are in horror, atmospheric work, and immersive theatre.

As a director, I’ve done a lot of work with Binary Theatre Company, a student and new work-centered theatre company associated with ASU, directing the one-act immersive horror play An Unsettled Supper and the three-part audio drama There’s Something Out There. I’ve also worked in an educational setting, directing 10-minute and one-act plays under professor William Partlan.

I’ve recently become Artistic Director, as well as a founding member, of Scawwy Howwow Theatre Company, which we will be using as a proving grounds to experiment with new methods, genres, and mediums. My first directing piece through the company is untitled [redacted].

As a dramaturg, I’ve recently worked with ASU’s theatre department on a recent production of The Snow, directed by Claire Redfield and Jillian Johnson. I was able to put my physics knowledge and research experience to use to help contexxtualize the scientific process and the philosophies related to it for the actors in a show centered around a young inventor.